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The Platform That's Revitalizing and Transforming Artists Careers

LOS ANGELES, June 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- For more than a year, the global pandemic has eviscerated revenue opportunities for musicians. But now, the growing community of Trubify creators are discovering new strategies for captivating fans and generating income.

The free Trubify app already offers the highest industry payouts to artists who livestream on the platform. When a musician streams a performance on Trubify, they earn two cents per viewer, or receive one cent per viewer when fans watch archived content.

"It's incredibly powerful to share my music and almost instantaneously see results," says Marlena. "I can track what I've earned and I can withdraw my profits via PayPal."

Savvy creators are looking beyond livestream paydays to initiate novel ways to engage fans. Grammy-winning producer Swagg R'Celious launched a "Watch and Win" contest through Trubify where fans had the opportunity to win a H.E.R. Signature Fender Stratocaster, Ableton Live software, and production workshop.

"The opportunities to reach out to an audience on Trubify are only limited by one's imagination," he says. "I always loved contests when I was coming up, so it's great to bring the fun to the Trubify community. On the business side, contests are a very practical way to bring new fans into your ecosystem. I can't wait to develop even more ideas."

Trubify also provides an opportunity for renowned artists to find new fans and share their experiences with emerging talents. Legendary studio and touring drummer JR (Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Madonna) uses Trubify to reveal session stories, break down classic and recent recordings he has played on, and offer performance and career advice.

"It's such a pleasure to find a community of musicians who are focused on musicianship, composition, and building up their audiences," says JR. "When I livestream on Trubify, I know I am talking to my people—whether they are players or fans

As artists continue to uncover more and more engagement tactics on Trubify, the fact the musicians themselves benefit from expanding the community is key'' says Krystal de Cent, Chief Brand Officer.

"Trubify is a game changer," says hip-hop producer Wizzo (Nipsey Hussle, Lil Jon). "It has been a long time since there has been technology that empowers creators, removing the middleman and placing us in direct relationship with our fans and content consumers. It's time we remove the veil on content monetization and empower each other."

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