Trubify - massive opportunity

Trubify recognized as a “massive opportunity to monetize without the major labels”

trubify Trubify

Nicolas von Blottnitz of has selected Trubify as one of the top five companies to watch out of about 5,000 startups that they see each week as a leading global venture capital firm that backs internet and software founders.

As an early-stage VC with, Nicolas von Blottnitz uses these selections to illustrate how they think about and track new investment opportunities among a sea of tech startups. They recognize the best of what they see. . .and they see a ton of startups every week.

He mentions, “I. . .see a massive opportunity for a platform like Trubify to enable creators to monetize without the major labels.”

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This is a genuine honor for us at Trubify. We’re working hard every day to do amazing things for our fellow artists. Our driving passion is to help any artist make money while making music. And now we’re gaining recognition from investors and tech followers because of how we’re doing it. It’s the ultimate example of the power of the people, the power of music and the opportunities created for everyone as a result.