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LOS ANGELES, Sept. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of an innovatively creative new music app called Trubify, is blazing a trail with her passion and keen marketing approach. Her name is Krystal de Cent and she's the driving force behind a truly unique experience for music-lovers.

As co-founder and Chief Brand Officer for Trubify, de Cent has been responsible for the platform's look-and-feel, as well as its deeper product-design tactics, bespoke technologies, and messaging. A brilliant disrupter and visionary, de Cent not only looks ahead to the next big thing, but anticipates cultural upheavals and their effect on business, entertainment, and consumer behavior.

"Ms. de Cent's rapid prototyping and innovative product design help early adopters, advisors, and even investors feel comfortable getting behind companies like Trubify that are changing the world of music," says American entrepreneur Anthony Forbes.

In 2017, she joined serial entrepreneur, Stephen Tyszka, as a Brand Design Consultant, and within a year, had helped several companies challenged with traditional banking policies to bring personalized financial tools to underserved millennials and GenZ users.

She didn't exactly rest on her laurels after those endeavors...

Ms. de Cent's curiosity and commitment to elevating engagement has facilitated the missions and successes of many brands, including,, and "I've always been interested in building communities that do good in some way," says de Cent. "Once I'm onboard with a particular mission, I dive into discovering how I might use technology, design, and user experiences to drive more commitment and understanding. Once you have buy-in, you can build massively beneficial communities from like-minded individuals."

All of this passion and strategy has helped de Cent bring together a burgeoning Trubify community of tough customers—meaning, musicians. Artists have often been betrayed by record companies, the streaming industry, managers, promoters, and the music business in general. In a very big way, de Cent has cracked the code on inviting creators to a much better space—one that allows them to make money, retain their integrity, and interact with true music fans. Her contributions to Trubify's music revolution have been nothing short of seismic.

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