DJ Envy: Trubify Partner

Trubify Brand Trubify

You’ve heard us say by now that Trubify is here to build an artist-first culture. What better step to take than partner with DJ Envy, a pioneer of Hip-Hop, and co-host of The Breakfast Club! 🔥🔥🔥

Here's what DJ Envy has to say

"I been working on this deal for a minute… 1 of my biggest investments…
Shout out to @bootcampbenz @johnnymarines & @flipping_nj…

Today I PARTNERED with @trubify… What’s @trubify??? @trubify Pays artists & creatives better than any platform.. Trubify is a cutting edge live music streaming platform that is artist-first. They lean on the system to make money, instead of leaning on the artist. Just imagine if the Breakfast Club was on this platform… We have over 8 million monthly listeners which would earn us over $100K on Trubify. That's more than 10x what we'd earn on YouTube or any other platform.. Men Lie, Women Lie… Numbers don't… If your an artist or a creative, Check it out.. It’s free btw
@trubify #nextdigitalstage"

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